We are continuing to monitor the situation and will adjust our policies as needed. We still encourage everyone who can, to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Additionally, the Oregon Health Authority still recommends masking for people at higher risk from COVID-19, including unvaccinated people and immunocompromised people. 
Masks Optional
We are no longer requiring the use of masks, though anyone who wishes to wear a mask is welcome to do so in our theater.
Hand Sanitizer 
Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby and at the entrance to each auditorium. 
Employee Health Training/Vaccination
All employees will be trained on CDC guidelines for COVID19 safety. All of our staff are fully vaccinated.
Upgraded HVAC systems 
All ventilation in the theater has been upgraded with commercial grade air filtration. This includes Photohydroionization, Ionization and HEPA filters. (The same type of systems that are used in hospitals and doctors’ offices) This helps to reduce Viruses, Bacteria, Molds, Odors and Particulates.
The Laurelhurst Theater became part of Portland's cultural and architectural history when it first opened in 1923. The original single screen could seat 650 people and was one of the first art deco style theaters of the period. Over the years the Laurelhurst has been added onto and now offers four auditoriums with modern amenities but still maintains its classic appeal. Now celebrating our 20th year as a theater and pub. Thank you Portland!
Enjoy beer, wine, pizza, salads, popcorn and candy. All of which may be brought into the auditoriums to enjoy while you watch your movie.
The theater's four screens now offers first run films, bringing the best of modern cinema, Independent, art and classic film to Portland's movie lovers.
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